About Dental Success Stories

This book contains twenty-five stories from some of the top experts in the dental world, such as: Dr Tif Qureshi, Dr Chris Orr, Dr Nilesh Parmar and Dr Reena Wadia. For each story we approacheour experts and asked them to write it or tell it in their own words. All the stories will be in their voice and showcase their individual journeys of how they get to where they are. Not only have the experts provided us with their stories, they have also provided us with some incredible tips for success.

We have purposefully chosen experts from all parts of dentistry, including dental hygienists, dental coaches, specialists, academics, general dental practitioners, business owners and individuals who have left clinical dentistry and built a new career.

We hope you not only enjoy reading these stories but also get inspired by them and apply the tips to transform your own lives!

We want to stress that we are not condoning that to be successful you must be an expert or be well known in the industry. We merely chose well known individuals so that the readers could easily relate to them.


We are proud to say that for each book sold, we will be donating £1 to a charity in India called Food For Life Vrindavan (FFLV).  As parents of our beautiful daughter, as soon as we heard what this charity stands for and does, we could not help but get involved. 

FFLV has been working in Vrindavan, India since 1991. The charity aims to educate poor girls, empowering them to transform their lives and communities. The three FFLV schools provide free education, meals, clean water and medical help to over 1500 poor girls. FFLV also works with the girls’ families and community towards a range of outcomes. 

Child marriage and child abuse often occur when girls are born into poor families in India. Girls are seen as a further economic burden on already poor households. By providing free education to these girls and nutritious meals, they improve their physical health, mental wellbeing and ultimately they get a better life. 

If you would like further information about this charity or would like to make further donations, please visit  www.fflv.org